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10 Best Christmas Tree Collars!

Hi Friends! It’s never too early to start shopping for Christmas decorations! I love using a tree collar for a clean and tidy look at the tree base! Between my kids and pets, my old Christmas tree skirt kept getting messed up! I would fix the skirt daily and soon grew tired of it! So I decided to go the Christmas tree collar route last year for the very first time! I love it so much!! Just remember, the tree collar is the first to grab to put at the base before you plant your Christmas tree in it! Don’t make the same mistake like I did by ordering your tree collar too late! Mine finally came in 2 weeks before Christmas and I was too excited to wait until next year to put it under the tree! My poor husband nearly broke his back lifting our decorated tree while I quickly shoved the collar underneath the tree! Lots of sweating and swearing was happening then! Haha! He is such a good man! I’m a lucky woman to have him! I’ve researched and picked out 10 best Christmas Tree Collars for easy shopping for you! Tree Collars are numbered and linked below for you!

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1.) Bash Gold 2.) Natural Seagrass 3.) Rope 4.) Gold Hammered 5.) Beachcomber 6.) Black Seagrass Cane

7.) Antique Finish 8.) Galvanized 9.) Fresh Cut 10.) Split Willow

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