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Friday Favorites!

Good morning friends!

I am so excited to share with you another one of my Friday Favorites! This time it is these beautiful white scalloped dining plate collection! It comes in a set of 4 which includes matching bowls, salad plates and dinner plates! And would you believe it that it is melamine?! The details on them are just so cute and feminine! As a mom of 3 young kids, I love that it’s kid friendly too! And I also love the fact that I can possibly host a future Thanksgiving dinner and my kids can eat on these and we don’t have to worry about breaking a dish! A total win-win on not sacrificing fancy or budget! Next item on my list is the Volcano Capri diffuser essential oil! I don’t burn candles as much as I used to because they now give me a headache. I started diffusing way back when my middle child was a curious toddler who used to climb and touch everything! Back then I was petrified of her getting burned or starting an accidental fire so I quit using scented candles for awhile. It’s been 6 years of diffusing essential oils and I haven’t looked back since! I love it and it’s safe to use around young children and pets and I don’t get headaches! Next item I absolutely adore and hoping to eventually add to my dish collection, are these leopard print appetizer plates! Aren’t they so chic?!! We all know that leopard is a neutral print so it goes with everything! This layered coin necklace I have shared in my instagram stories is so simple yet stylish to wear everyday and I absolutely love it! I can’t recommend it enough! The last item I wanted to share is this gorgeous summer maxi dress! I pretty much buy all of my dresses from their store because they are so figure flattering, unique and such a great addition to any wardrobe! I hope you liked my Friday Favorites Picks and I have the rest linked below for you! Have a great weekend friends! XO!

Ceramic Pot Leopard Plates White Scallop Plates Brass Pillar Candleholders Brass Taper Candleholders Maxi Dress Layered Necklace Antique Silver Pedastal Crystal Chandelier


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  • Susan Dobbs
    July 26, 2021

    That dress!! I love it but unfortunately, nothing on our social calendar that would require getting that dressed up. Ha ha!!

    • Amanda Norris
      July 28, 2021

      Thanks!! I love it too! Maybe Todd needs to take you out to dinner soon so you can have the perfect excuse to wear that dress? 😉

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