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Winter Refresh!

By Posted on 2 3 m read

Hi Friends! Do you feel like your home feels completely bare now that you’ve put away all of your Christmas decoration? Do you also feel stuck on how to decorate as well? It’s not the holidays or spring time so you can’t pull out either of those decorations! I’m going to show you how to decorate for winter! Lord knows how long winter can drag on for months! Am I right?! Now when it comes to decorating for winter, you must think, COZY, LAYERS, TEXTURES, WOOD, CANDLES AND METAL, SOME WINTER GREENS. You might think, well gosh some of my Christmas decoration could work?! And yes it probably could as long as you do not have the color red in it, glitter, or ornaments! Christmas traditional colors have always been red so I would avoid that if you’re are re-using some of your Christmas decorations for winter. You could use faux White Magnolia flowers in a floral arrangements! And you could also use pinecones in your styling accessory too!

I’ve created a Winter Refresh Mood board to help you envision what design elements you can add in your home during this winter! I picked this creamy white faux berry winter wreath which you can put anywhere you like best in your home! I tend to hang wreaths on my mirrors, my stovetop range or front doors! For this one, I would most likely hang it on my mirror! Now adding the wood element, I picked out this beautiful dried grapeseed branch! I currently have it in my husband’s office! It is beautiful! You can find it at PotteryBarn or even your local HomeGoods if you’re lucky! How to add in layers and texture Elements; think cozy cable knits in pillows and snuggly throws! And add in faux furs! Think neutral winter colors! Another texture element would be leather! Faux or real! Last but not least, woven storage baskets of all sizes! Many homes already have woven baskets in it! This brings natural warmth in a living space! Candles! I prefer to use battery operated candles since I have young children and I always worry about the risk of a fire. Battery Operated candles have come such a long way! Some look so amazingly real with that flickering light on top! Having “lit” candles everywhere adds that warm, cozy winter ambiance! This brass candleholder also brings the metal warmth to the space. Last design element I wanted to talk about is adding winter greens. You could choose faux green magnolias (think wreaths) boxwoods (for planters indoor and out), snowdrops (outside potted planter). Moss balls for texture and added greenery in styling accessories!

If you need extra help, I also highly recommend ordering this book to read called, The Little Book of Hygge. The Danish Secrets of Happiness by Meik Wiking. If you know anything about the Danish, they’ve master the art of living in long winters and while feeling cozy!

And there you have it friends! I hope I was able to help you in decorating for winter!


Patterned Pillow, Blue Cable Knit Pillow, Faux Fur Blanket, Brass Candleholder, Battery Operated Candles,

Staging Books, Moss Balls Arrangement, Leather Storage Bucket, Dried Grapeseed Branch, White Winter Wreath


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